“This spring, I was given the gift of a Life Coach, a trained person to help guide you through life issues by listening, reflecting back what he’s hearing, helping you set little steps to making desired changes, holding you accountable – gently – to move toward your desired changes/goals.  My coach was Jonathan Ruth. Our phone sessions were focused, productive and enjoyable. I knew I wanted to change my entrenched habit of overworking. I have been in this position for 19 years, and have taken on more and more responsibilities over the years. Jonathan helped me assess the various parts of my work, and honored my dedication. He also heard my deeper concern about wanting to put some fun into my life. Together, we strategized little steps I could take to delegate parts of my work to others, and then, to leave the work at work when I went home.  With Jonathan’s coaching, I was able to take control of my overworking, which was my goal, and surprisingly, move into a totally new work setting that uses my gifts and honors my free time. Life coaching has really helped me turn my life around – thanks to Jonathan!” – Sue M., from Michigan

“Jonathan helped me see my life in a new way that gave me the confidence to make a very impactful decision that has changed the lives of everyone in my family for the better. I had been going along a path I knew was not what I wanted, and Jonathan asked the right questions and listened to my answers to understand what I did want and need. He helped me discover I had the power to make the changes I knew needed to be made. Sometimes we feel like “good enough” is OK, but a life coach like Jonathan helps us realize that trying to have something better is a risk worth taking.” – Elizabeth D., from Tennessee

“Jonathan has a rare insight into our choices and behaviors which can leave us stuck in life.  I was immediately put at ease in our conversations as I found him so relatable.  In talking with him, I was encouraged and inspired to make changes in my life toward the goals that are important to me.  I recommend him to anyone who wants a big life – one in which they achieve the goals, relationships, and successes that are important to them.” – Jennifer L., from Tennessee